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Podiatry Experts

Podiatry Experts is a question and answer forum where people with foot problems can ask a podiatrist expert about it. We were given the assignment of creating questions for the experts to answer. This assignment came from the administrator of the Foot Health Forum following our project with them and who is also the administrator of Podiatry Arena (another popular site in that niche). Some of the simple questions we created were to do with barefoot running; plantar fasciitis and medial tibial stress syndrome.

Foot Health Forum

This was one of our previous assignments. The Foot Health Forum was originally developed for those with foot problems and complications to discuss with each other and with podiatrists about their foot problems. Some of the common topics of discussion at this forum included plantar fasciitisSevers disease; Jones fractures and many other common foot problems. This forum has really got going and is self sustaining. There is plenty of activity and plenty of advice for those with foot problems.

Coca Cola Collectibles

We just finished up doing a job for the Coca Cola Collectibles forum. This is a forum for Coca Cola enthusiasts and collectors of Coca Cola Memorabilia. It was a challenging assignment, as knowledge of this topic is not an everyday thing! We had to check out a number of Coca Cola Memorabilia sites to get a good understanding of the area and to know what sorts of questions to start discussions and interaction of with. We even managed to get them a featured listing at the forum directory.